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Our Purpose

We aren’t a company founded by pro athletes to recover from sports injuries. We aren’t TV stars lending our name to a new line. We believe everyone has unique needs and created a personalized wellness solution.

We are simply relief seekers like you. People who believe in the power of CBD and natural botanicals to help control persistent health issues but are fed up with one-size-fits-all, single-ingredient products that help offer more placebo than actual benefits.

So, we collaborated with leading scientists and medical experts to create cannabis-based products that can be crafted for your unique health and personalized wellness needs.

About The Founder

I’m Scott, and this is my personalized wellness story

Scott wearing sunglasses with hands spread with waves or wakes behind him celebrating personalized wellness.
” CBD Just Got Personal” isn’t just a tagline — it actually reflects my personal health journey.

“CBD Just Got Personal” isn’t just a tagline – it actually reflects my personal health journey.

For the past 20 years, I have suffered from anxiousness and sleep issues. Over-the-counter products didn’t work, and I feared the potential side effects of using prescription drugs. Given all the buzz around cannabis, CBD, and other natural plant botanicals to help with stress and sleep issues, I decided to do some research. I visited dozens of local California dispensaries, pharmacies, and health food stores for advice and products to try. Despite the amazing and proven medicinal benefits of these plants, mostly what I found was an endless sea of generic, one-size-fits-all, and often single-ingredient products.

I’ve marketed wellness products in my career and served on the Board of Directors of two public pharmaceutical companies — and so I realized that there was a massive opportunity to do better. ZIPPZ became my personal quest to design a line of CBD therapies that emulate pharmaceutical and medical principles to help people find relief for stress, anxiousness, and sleep issues with highly personalized formulas based on everyone’s unique conditions, needs, age, gender, and lifestyle.

To bring this powerful vision to life, I recruited the most accomplished people who shared my commitment to developing wellness products rooted in nature and backed by science to help positively impact people’s lives. Two years later, we launched ZIPPZ!

Many thanks for joining us on this journey. Be well.

Meet the Personalized Wellness Team

Management Team

Scott Eagle Founder, CEO and advocate for personalized wellness

Scott Eagle

Founder, CEO

Eleanor Duff Chief Operating Officer

Eleanor Duff

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Zeldin Chief Marketing Officer

Craig Zeldin

Chief Marketing Officer

Scientific & Medical Advisory Council

Dr June Chin
Dr. June Chin

Integrative Cannabis
Physician and Author

Dr Jessica Knox
Dr Jessica Knox

Endocannabinologist and Board-certified Physician

Kevin Spelman lead formulator for ZIPPZ personalized wellness
Kevin Spelman, PhD

Phytotherapy Expert, Lead Formulator for ZIPPZ

Dr Adrien Burch
Dr. Adrien Burch

Science Writer, Plant

Marijo Clark
Marijo Clark

President, MC Softgel Experts

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