How Bespoke Wellness Works

The ZIPPZ Personalization Process

hands on a laptop taking ZIPPZ Bespoke Wellness Assessment

Take The Assessment

Tell us about yourself, and we’ll match you to one of our 255 unique trial packs.

You’ll receive a free custom Report with additional product details and your bespoke wellness Sleep and/or Stress Plans.

4 small bottles of ZIPPZ bespoke wellness samples in a trial pack

Sample Suggested Formulas

Your recommended Trial Pack will contain 2 different SleepZ and/or 2 different CalmZ formulas.

100% Rebate Offer: Buy your Trial Pack ($29 to $39), get your money back on your first full-sized ZIPPZ bespoke wellness purchase!

Two clear bottles, one with blue ZIPPZ SleepZ softgels and the other with yellow ZIPPZ CalmZ softgels

Purchase What Works Best

Buy full-sized bottles of the products that worked best during your trial.

Full-sized bottles start at $69.

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we’re here for you

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our unique approach to bespoke wellness is backed by science, and we guarantee it.

If you’re not getting relief from the formulas we send you, we’ll make it right.

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