When the answer can’t be simple

Our bodies are one interconnected web of biological systems, which include the central nervous system, the immune system, the digestive system, and even an endocannabinoid system designed to produce CBD-like substances.
When these systems are balanced, we thrive. But our lifestyles, diets, ailments and body types can throw these different systems off balance. This results in complex health issues, like sleeping problems and chronic stress, that are rooted in multiple, interconnected systems.

For example, if you have trouble falling asleep, it’s often due to a combination of reasons: high stress could keep your body’s cortisol levels higher at bedtime; evening screen time might decrease your melatonin levels; and some lingering back pain or other health issue could also contribute in another way. Individually, these factors might not be strong enough to keep you awake, but combined, they create a sleeping issue that becomes frustratingly difficult to treat.
That’s why one-size fits all products, like CBD oil, often don’t solve your sleep or stress issues.

Our Approach

Network Pharmacology
— A bold new method

Western medicine can work wonders when doctors are able to pinpoint the exact source of our problems. Unfortunately, since many of our modern health issues are rooted in multiple, interconnected systems, standard treatments often fall short.

To address this problem, pharmaceutical science is beginning to wake up and view our complex ailments at a “systems” level. The new field of Network Pharmacology helps scientists see — and treat — our problems for what they really are — a network of molecular imbalances.

People worldwide are using CBD (i.e., cannabidiol) to naturally improve sleep and relieve stress, but just as the endocannabinoid system is only part of a web of systems, a single ingredient like CBD can only address part of the problem. The perfect solution would use more complex formulas to address all the different systems and molecular imbalances that contribute to your problem.

How It Works

A powerful symphony of cannabis compounds and proven botanicals

Every ZIPPZ formula contains CBD along with 5-7 other botanicals that were chosen to work together synergistically to enhance their collective health benefits. In other words, CBD can accomplish more when it has back-up support.
An easy way to explain our formulas is to compare them to a symphony. CBD is the grand piano, which, as a standalone instrument, can make beautiful music. But when CBD is combined to work in concert with other cannabis compounds (e.g. CBG, CBN, CBG, terpenes) and potent botanicals, such as lavender, magnolia, passionflower and bugleweed…that’s when the real magic happens. Again, imagine the simple sound of a single grand piano versus the complex, harmonious and robust sound of a full symphony!

Why we Personalize

Improving the performance of CBD for you

That is why, unlike other CBD products that just offer a few ingredients in a one-size-fits-all product, ZIPPZ offers a diverse selection of sleep- and stress-specific formulas that draw on 35 different botanicals.

To help you find your ideal formula, ZIPPZ offers a free online Assessment that analyzes 255 different formula combinations to find the top formulas for your unique needs.


Working to improve the therapeutic potential of cannabis

Developed By Experts

Formulated by leading scientists, doctors, and pharmacologists to meet the unique needs of diverse bodies.

Pharma-Quality Approach

Our patent-pending, scientific formulations uniquely use many different botanicals to expand CBD’s ability to target many biological receptors.

Backed By Data

Based on a clinical database of 10,000 individuals using cannabis and active botanicals for sleep, stress, and pain issues.

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