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PHYSICIAN ADVISED Blissful Sleep. Balanced Calm.
Personalized for You.

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HOW IT WORKS The ZIPPZ Personalization

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“The best rest in years.”

I hardly ever sleep through the night and after using this just a couple nights, I had some of the best rest in years.



“ZIPPZ has literally changed
my life for the better.”

I have been living with pretty severe anxiety and insomnia. The first night taking ZIPPZ I fell asleep quick, stayed asleep and woke up feeling like a brand new woman!



“Best sleep I’ve had in months.”

I have tried every kind of tea, natural sleep aid, eating and exercise plans, sleep doctors and therapy…and this was the easiest plan that worked.



“The best product I have used for sleep and anxiety.”

The personalization is like none other. They really take everything into consideration and suggest what’s best for you.



“I felt so happy, so confident.”

This was amazing to me. I felt so happy, so confident. Overall my mind was clear and I felt so cheerful, I just loved it!



“Great products, great company, great experience.”

I thought ‘nothing works for me’, but how wonderful to be proven wrong and know there is relief for my insomnia and stress.


WHAT'S INSIDE Ingredients for Success

ZIPPZ uses the power of 34 different time-tested botanicals across all of our formulas. Each product offers a combination of trusted cannabis compounds (CBD, CBN, and CBG) along with 5-7 proven natural ingredients. Learn more about our ingredients

All natural ingredients with no high whatsoever!

DON’T SETTLE There is No Comparison

Most CBD Products
Physician-created and data-driven No
Personalized Formulas No
Multiple Ingredients Some
Free Full-Size Bottle Offer No
Patent-Pending Formulations No
Network Pharmacology Model No

TRULY PERSONALIZED Formulas Customized for
Unique Needs


64 year old female, limited exercise, back pain, major trouble falling asleep, wakes up tired

Her Formula:


41 year old male, frequent exercise, trouble staying asleep, moderate anxiety

His Formulas:


36 yr old female, meditates twice weekly, daily coffee runs, all-day anxiousness

Her Formula:

NOT JUST CBD Rooted in Nature.
Activated by Science.

89% of ZIPPZ consumers found relief with ZIPPZ!

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our unique approach to personalized wellness is backed by science, and we guarantee it.

If you’re not getting relief from the formulas we send you, we’ll make it right.

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89% of customers found relief!