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64 year old female, limited exercise, back pain, major trouble falling asleep, wakes up tired

Maria’s Formula


41 year old male, frequent exercise, trouble staying asleep, moderate anxiety

John’s Formula

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The ZIPPZ Personalization Process

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Tell us about yourself, and we’ll match you to one of our 255 unique trial packs.

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Your recommended Trial Pack will contain 2 different SleepZ and/or 2 different CalmZ formulas.

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Buy full-sized bottles of the products that worked best during your trial.

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Sleep better. Stay sharp. Feel your best.

Get Better Rest

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, wake up refreshed.

Calm Your Mind

Feel more balanced and relaxed, with less stress

No High Whatsoever

Stay sharp for daily demands


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Most CBD Products
Personalized FormulasNo
Multiple IngredientsNo
100% Rebate OfferNo
Founded in Data & ScienceNo
Patent Pending FormulationsNo
Network Pharmacology ModelNo


Rooted in Nature. Activated by Science.

Highly Personalized

255 different formula combinations for different age, gender, lifestyle, and conditions

Based on Science

Patent-pending formulations created by leading physicians and scientists, using Network Pharmacology

Proven Results

89% of consumers in an independent product trial* found relief from at least one of the formulas in their Trial Pack

No High Whatsoever

Keep your mind clear and focused for daily demands

35 Natural Ingredients

CBD, CBN, CBD, plus over 30 natural, non-GMO botanicals that effectively target sleep

Easy To Take

Precise, medical-grade dosing delivered in an easy-to-swallow soft gel

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our unique approach to personalized wellness is backed by science, and we guarantee it.

If you’re not getting relief from the formulas we send you, we’ll make it right.

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