SleepZ S12

30 doses

Unwind from the day and calm tension in your mind and body. Fall asleep faster and wake feeling more relaxed.

Rapid Relaxation
Soothe Worries
Tension Relief

The best natural sleep aid for people who experience restlessness at night and need help relaxing their minds after a stressful day.

Take two softgels 30-60 minutes before going to bed.

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Main Ingredients


Pain relief
Stress reduction
Improved sleep
Heart health


Mood support
Deep sleep
Mind calming
Sleep promoting
Stress soothing
Stress relief
Allergy relief
Thyroid health
Mood support
Stress relief
Soothe restlessness
Stress support
Soothe anxiousness
Prepare for sleep
Improved digestion
Bioavailability enhancer
Positive mood
Nervous tension relief

Not just CBD

Rooted in nature. Activated by science.

Highly Personalized

255 different formula combinations for different age, gender, lifestyle, and conditions

Based on Science

Patent-pending formulations created by leading physicians and scientists, using Network Pharmacology

Proven Results

89% of consumers in an independent product trial* found relief from at least one of the formulas in their Trial Pack

No High Whatsoever

Keep your mind clear and
focused for daily demands

35 Natural Ingredients

CBD, CBN, CBD, plus over 30 natural, non-GMO botanicals that effectively target sleep

Easy To Take

Precise, medical-grade dosing delivered in an easy-to-swallow soft gel

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